Your Hosts: Family Rauchenstein

“When you arrive at our Inn you will meet at least one member of the family. We have been Talkeetna Inn keepers for over 30 years.”

Werner (or Vern, as everybody calls him) came from Lachen, Switzerland to Alaska in 1965 on an adventure. Renamary came to Alaska from Missoula, Montana in 1975 for a “Jack London” type of adventure. That’s when Renamary and Vern met. Eight children later the adventure still continues!

“We moved to Talkeetna because we wanted a good place to raise children, and this lodge was available for purchase. The location was perfect: set in the woods next to the Talkeetna River boat launch, but only five minutes away from downtown. The name then was Rainbow Lodge, but we wanted a name that would tell people something about us before they got here. At the Swiss Alaska Inn you will find both a European and an Alaskan atmosphere.”

Vern and Renamary would like their guests to feel the same Alaskan friendliness that greeted them over 30 years ago when they came to this beautiful State. “We’d love to have you visit and be our guest!”

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